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1-Best of Africa

I remember the savanna of Africa hosting numerous exotic species. We have roasted our best to mix this coffee zoo. It is all in here, bold, bright, strong, big and small, washed and natural, rich, coffees with a punch of fruitiness. Bring your camera.

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1-Kenya AB Machure Estate

Our offering of Kenya AB comes from the Machure Estate in Kiambu county, just north of Nairobi. Acidic soil of the high altitude coffee growing regions of Kenya impart of bright, crisp flavor to these coffee beans. Fully washed and roasted to a Full City profile, other flavor notes include ruby red grapefruit, hibiscus, and cocoa powder.

Kenya AB refers to the size of screen the coffee beans fit through during milling. If you have previously ordered our Kenya AA offering, you will noticed that these beans have a smaller size. This is in no way indicative of quality, just a different classification. Compared to typical African coffees, Kenya AB tends to by a lower acid coffee, and would be a great jumping off point for consumers who are intimidated by most African coffees. It tastes great as a pourover, but really shines when used as an espresso.

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1-Mocha Java Blend

Kosher logoMocha Java has been in our selection since the 70's.

As I understand it, the spice traders would port in the Arabian sea, trade-bargain-feast-fuel... leave mocha with the treasures of the region (coffee)  and continue their travels around India towards the Indonesian island chain, enjoy-feast-trade around South America to Brazil  and continue on to their European marketplaces back home. The coffees become familiar in the holds and again in our vintage 1931 Jubilee roaster. We start with some Ethiopian and Brazil naturals and then roast the Indonesian Java and Sumatra.

after 21 years with my family, Rafael keep the fires burning  and the full city going.

after 23 years with my family, Rafael keep the fires burning and the full city going.

Blended together  into a winey, sweet,wild start and a smooth, heavy body in the finish.

We often use the Mocha Java blend in our Roastery espresso bar as it compliments the organic milk when pulled espresso style.




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1-Yemen Al Ghayoul 12 oz

Rayyan Mill


YEMEN      Al Ghayoul is selling at $ 21 per 12 ounce bag.    

Al-Ghayoul A farm lot sourced  from a small tribal community in the mountain province of Hajja, northwest of Sana’a, Yemen. A harsh environment, over 4700 feet above sea level, the unique, heirloom trees mature slowly on terraced hills and are fed with an underground spring and stone canals. Lack of rainfall has kept the sun dried process After years of Rayyan Mill's goodwill and trust building, a few farmers indicated they would like to implement new pruning methods as well as raised beds for drying in an effort to improve the consistency and quality.

With the high-stress, civil war and social conditions we are gratefully surprised to even be able to offer a Yemen coffee.  Using our 3 speed roast technique,  we’ve found nuance from plums, peaches, zinfandel, spice and molasses together with a refreshing light body even more delicious as it cools or when made cold immersion style. Ultimately Yemen coffee and its history are much like Yemen itself: mysterious, intriguing and complex.


Since the annual green production is a limited 90-100 sacks,

Contact us to get on the pre roast list.


call #619 239 6686 to reserve your portion.


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