Brewing Coffee

Brewing a perfect cup of coffee is easy if you start with great coffee beans (available at Cafe Moto) and follow the simple guidelines listed below:

Freshness is crucial. Roasted coffee is best used one to ten days after opening a well sealed bag. Properly ground coffee and good water is crucial in achieving great brewed coffee. Time, temperature and turbulence.

Beans- Freshness is key for quality brewing. The best way to store your coffee is in its “natural packaged state”, in other words “whole bean form” away from light, air, and moisture.

Grind- Only grind as much coffee as you need at one time to ensure freshness. Make sure your coffee beans are specifically ground for the chosen brewing method. For drip coffee the grind consistency should resemble granulated sugar. If the grind is too fine, the coffee will taste bitter and over-extracted. If the grind is too coarse, the coffee will taste weak. Finding the perfect grind may take a couple brew cycles but will result in a great taste.

Water- Always use good quality cold water. Brewed coffee is approximately 99% water; with that in mind water quality is essential. If the water is not pleasant to drink then we would not suggest making coffee with it. A dissolved mineral content of 100-150 parts per million is suggested. Have a water expert in your area test your water, as conditions can differ dramatically from one part of a city to another. A good filtration system or bottled water may be necessary to ensure quality taste. Try brewing coffee with a tap water and then try with bottled water and compare the difference.

Temp- The water brewing temperature should be between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit.  Boiled water minus about 90 seconds.

Ratio- 16/1 or 2 tablespoons per 6 oz water or 4oz coffee per 64oz water. Based on the SCAA, Specialty Coffee Association of America, standards and our preferences for strong coffee. Shift upwards as needed.

Brew Water Volume Optimum Coffee Weight
Ounces Liters Gallon Cups Ounces
64 1.9 0.5 8.0 4.0
74 2.2 0.6 9.25 4.6
84 2.5 0.7 10.5 5.25
104 3.0 0.8 6.2 6.5
128 3.8 1 16 8.0
192 5.7 1.5 24 12

These ratios are based on the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) brewing range.  We have found that brewing on the higher side of the coffee weight ratios yields the most flavorful dynamic taste with the total dissolved solids level creating a lasting powerful coating throughout the mouth, giving an increased sense of value and difference.  The total dissolved solids of the cup are easily measured with optimum level at 1300 + ppm.  By maintaining a fixed coffee weight, a consistent brew temperature, using filtered water at 100-200 ppm, without odor or off tastes, and the total brewing process completed in less than 8 minutes, the grind becomes the variable being adjusted to achieve the cup difference and dynamic profile.  It is a different and dynamic cup that has proven to lead the specialty coffeehouse sector and helps ensure the survival of the smaller coffeehouse owner.

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