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A company that strives to make a lasting positive impact to the places we conduct our business.

Mission of what we like to do:

Respectful representations of the world’s coffee, tea and cocoa.

Core Values:

Respectful presentation through detailed execution. Re-energize everyday to prioritize the details and use our time, money and energy to adhere to these standards.

Respecting our guests- Meeting their expectations and regularly and surprising them with something unexpected on occasion.

Imparting Knowledge- Expert quest- Coffee, tea, cocoa and brewing knowledge is thorough and thoughtful and presented in usable, trainable school like formats.

Stewardship of the planet- Understand our impact and work diligently to reduce our footprint and make a positive difference through people, knowledge and practical execution.

Financial Sustainability- To support our mission, sales growth and a portion of profits are required for survival, prosperity, opportunity, job satisfaction and job security.


The Cafe Moto concept began in 1990 with vintage racing Italian motor bikes over there, espresso coffee equipment here and fresh coffee in the middle. Now in our fourth roastery in San Diego, solar powered, we remain family and community focused lead by second-generation owners Torrey and Kimberly Lee. Growing with the demand for tea and coffee beverages, Cafe Moto provides educational support, training and guide to the market,  with respectful representations of wonderful coffees and teas. Our sample kitchen has hosted a range of students from head chefs and first line baristas, to ex-bankers and tile workers. Our goal remains simple; provide a forum where small businesses can design a coffee bar menu according to taste preferences. This, we believe, will help to promote confidence to the conscientious customer.

Our Company has grown to include off site tasting, samplings, and demonstrations. Our service crew is on call throughout the city to repair the espresso machine concerns. The sales team lets the product do the talking. We roast coffee in small batches, 4-5 days per week, promoting freshness and quality. We personally deliver our products to local cafes and restaurants, while UPS helps us distribute across the country. Our website allows customers to shop, learn and explore. Cafe Moto’s team of passionate individuals is focused on one simple goal: Customer success and satisfaction with our tea and coffee products.

Our slogan remains, ” We drink all we can, the rest we sell”!

Enjoy, Torrey and Kimberly Lee


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