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Agony Cup 3-5 min
Loose leaf choice Green, Oolong, Black or Herbal
Agony Pot for Two
Loose leaf choice with service
Chai Au Lait
Hot Chai with steamed organic milk


Preparation Selection:
Filtered Cup
Pour-over Cup
Press Pot Coffee Service
Chemex Coffee Service


V12 Towered
Cold brewed 12 hour concentrate iced
Sweetie V12 Towered
Cold brewed 12 hour concentrate, sweet cream, iced


Espresso Selection:
S.O.S. (Single. Origin. Shot.)
Rotational Espresso Mix
Bravura Organic Decaf
Espresso marked with foamed organic milk
Espresso, steamed organic milk, foam
Caffe Latte
Espresso and steamed organic milk
Latte Dulce
Espresso, steamed organic milk, sweet syrup
Espresso Mocha
Espresso, steamed cocoa, whip cream
Chocolate Blender Freezy
Espresso, organic milk, ice, chocolate, whip cream
Vanilla Blender Freezy
Espresso, organic milk, ice, vanilla, whip cream
Baristi Choice
Have a conversation


Cocoa Traditional
Organic cocoa, organic milk, whip cream
Cocoa Caramel
Organic cocoa, organic milk, caramel sauce, whip cream
Cocoa Oaxaca Mexico
Sugar, cocoa nibs, cinnamon, peanuts, organic milk, whip

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