1-Mocha Java Blend

Kosher logoMocha Java has been in our selection since the 70's.

As I understand it, the spice traders would port in the Arabian sea, trade-bargain-feast-fuel... leave mocha with the treasures of the region (coffee)  and continue their travels around India towards the Indonesian island chain, enjoy-feast-trade around South America to Brazil  and continue on to their European marketplaces back home. The coffees become familiar in the holds and again in our vintage 1931 Jubilee roaster. We start with some Ethiopian and Brazil naturals and then roast the Indonesian Java and Sumatra.

after 21 years with my family, Rafael keep the fires burning and the full city going.

after 23 years with my family, Rafael keeps the fires burning and the full city going.

Blended together  into a winey, sweet,wild start and a smooth, heavy body in the finish.

We often use the Mocha Java blend in our Roastery espresso bar as it compliments the organic milk when pulled espresso style.




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