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Llano Bonito, Tarrazu, Costa Rica.

Llano Bonito Cooperative, Tarrazu, is very fresh, having been stored in parchmentSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA until just prior to shipping. After the dry  milling and cleaning, we add the cost of the "grain pro" liners to insure  lasting integrity

and flavor stability above the Fair Trade base price and the quality incentive.  Each October , pre-harvest, we meet and make the arrangements for the upcoming crop. Llano Bonito Cooperative continues to deliver  the sweet, vibrant, strong chocolate orange tasting coffee. We use Llano Bonito in the French 2 dark roast FT, Espresso Moto FT and to brighten several other  Moto mixes. The power of the relationship and the  Fair Trade economics have meant clean drinking water, a medical clinic, books and school supplies and really great coffee since we met in early 2002.




Gerardo Camacho grooms the trees during the harvest

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About the farm: The unique micro-climate where Reserve Llano Bonito is cultivated and the strict quality control checks from the farm to port have earned the co-op notoriety in specialty coffee. By guaranteeing quality, the co-op can promise better and more sustainable prices for members’ coffee. Llano Bonito is also committed to protecting the environment where their coffee is produced and recently implemented an oven to dry the coffee, using natural waste, such as coffee parchment, instead of wood, to fuel the machine.

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