1-Yemen Al Ghayoul 12 oz

Rayyan Mill


YEMEN      Al Ghayoul is selling at $ 21 per 12 ounce bag.    

Al-Ghayoul A farm lot sourced  from a small tribal community in the mountain province of Hajja, northwest of Sana’a, Yemen. A harsh environment, over 4700 feet above sea level, the unique, heirloom trees mature slowly on terraced hills and are fed with an underground spring and stone canals. Lack of rainfall has kept the sun dried process After years of Rayyan Mill's goodwill and trust building, a few farmers indicated they would like to implement new pruning methods as well as raised beds for drying in an effort to improve the consistency and quality.

With the high-stress, civil war and social conditions we are gratefully surprised to even be able to offer a Yemen coffee.  Using our 3 speed roast technique,  we’ve found nuance from plums, peaches, zinfandel, spice and molasses together with a refreshing light body even more delicious as it cools or when made cold immersion style. Ultimately Yemen coffee and its history are much like Yemen itself: mysterious, intriguing and complex.


Since the annual green production is a limited 90-100 sacks,

Contact us to get on the pre roast list.


call #619 239 6686 to reserve your portion.


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