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Triple Certified.

Triple Certified.

Very saddening news. We have received word from 21st that the Roya Infection has destroyed a majority of the coffee trees. New crop 2016 has been cancelled.

Hey Torrey, We are still waiting to see if they are able to collect anything (we just got this news this morning, so we are trying to get more info).

Chabela thinks that even after this harvest, there will be another difficult year to come. She does not think that it will be 3-4 years, but at the bare minimum she sees the 2017 harvest also being very difficult. Seems that right now they are intensifying the preventative trainings regarding Roya and good organic agricultural practices, but we have yet to see a long term plan that allows them to get back where they were. Hoping that with more news and a little bit of time they will be able to develop that plan.

 Yes, the San Fernando Coop would make sense for a Split Box Decaf, and it is certified FTO.

I want to get type samples sent over ASAP so you can try it, and make sure it is on spec and can fit the profile.

 Thanks again for understanding this, and hope that we can find a good fit with Chiapas, and continue to support the 21st of September in this time of crisis.

 Best, Dane , Sustainable Harvest


The Oaxacan coffees have always been the favorite  and meeting the  21st De Septiembre Cooperative has been a real blessing of a relationship. Their work in the fields brings a  subtle cocoa fragrance with sweet graham cracker, nutty, malt flavors. It's mellow, light body and low acidity give this coffee a nice sweet  finish. We use the 21st to add a creaminess in several blends including espresso.  The reading below is some of the other work we have been apart of with the community. Health, food security, Roya assistance and  social equality have been improving through the relationship.

The chicken and egg project is up and running            Laying Hen Project Moto

Here's a summary of the coop operations thus far. 21de Septiembre Harvest Update 2014

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