1-Sumatra Ketiara – Fair Trade – Organic

One of Ketiara farms

Ketiara farms


Ketiara Handing over weeders to farmers' representative

Presenting of a weeder

Sumatra from Ketiara, a women directed cooperative, certified is Fair Trade & Organic.  Triple picked for defects.  Roasted on the light side, a very smooth rich flavor with slight seasoned herbal, honeysuckle, chocolate taste. Low in acidity and high in body. Sumatra Ketiara is very reliable and consistent in its own way, so it also serves as a weighty foundation for other mixes including Indo Noir and Blue Sky. The Fair Trade model benefits the community as well as the farms in the region with support, technical expertise and techniques for farm improvements and disease control. We have recently spoken with  Lucia,  women's coop director, to purchase weeders in line with the organic farming techniques. These will be shared within the membership and allow less time and physical labor to be required in the fields. Certified Kosher by Star K.

Triple Cert

Triple Cert


This left photo shows the presentation of 1 of 50 "weeders" bought by Cafe Moto at the request of  Director Lucia as a needed support tool . The weeders will greatly reduce the manual organic labor needs allowing time for other needs.


I spoke with Lucia early April and she discussed the volcano and it being far enough away to not have become an emergency currently.

Thank you  for the support, enjoy the coffee, we sure do.

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