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Costa Rica Tarrazu Anaerobic
Anaerobic Technique




This coffee comes from the Scenic Route, our new collection of limited edition, specialty coffees. Scenic Route is a coffee exploration of the road less traveled. We will be adding other unique coffee offerings to the Scenic Route collection in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

About the Anaerobic Technique (reduced without oxygen)
The coffee cherries are carefully selected from the coffee fields, to assure the quality of the coffee only the ripest are picked. Once the coffee cherries arrive at the micro mill, they are carefully washed and floated to remove the floating defects, undeveloped beans and any other things like leaves or small branch material. Once the coffee cherries are rotary pulped, clean and ready, it’s sealed in air tight drums or bags along with its pulped skins and mucilage juices. One technique adds carbon dioxide to reduce the oxygen level inside the drums. Time and temperature will influence the duration. After the fermentation the beans/seeds will be taken out of the tanks, beans, cascara and mucilage separated. The beans/seeds are put on the Africans beds or patios and dried until the moisture level reaches 12%+/-. Like the other techniques you have to stir every two hours at least during the day for even airflow. The mucilage is sent to ponds to evaporate and the cascara fruit skins sent to the compost. Once dried to 12%+/-, further cleaning and sorting is done with the dry mill equipment before bagging for shipment.

Tasting Notes
Vanilla, jasmine, orange peel, sweet peppers, and yogurt. Medium body with medium acidity.

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