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Costa Rica Tarrazu Natural
Natural Dry Technique




This coffee comes from the Scenic Route, our new collection of limited edition, specialty coffees. Scenic Route is a coffee exploration of the road less traveled. We will be adding other unique coffee offerings to the Scenic Route collection in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

About the Natural Technique
All the coffee cherries are carefully selected from the coffee fields. To assure the quality of the coffee only the deep red-purple ripe ones are hand-picked by the coffee pickers leaving unripe fruits for a future pass through the farm.

Once the coffee cherries arrive to the micro-mill, they are carefully rinsed/washed and floated to get all the dry, hollow, less dense beans out along with any other things like leaves and wood sticks or debris. After cleaning, the coffee is put out to get sun dried, it could be on raised Africans screen style drying beds or on concrete patios. The coffee cherries are raked into a layer of about 5 inches thick. The coffee will be hand stirred every two hours during the day to insure even airflow until it gets the right level of moisture, 12%+/-, about 30 days on the raised beds or 20 days on patios.

The entire fruit mucilage becomes dried around the beans imparting a particular fermentation type flavor. Once stable, the “Natural” dried cherries are run through a milling machine to remove the outer skins revealing the beans inside which are then further cleaned, sorted for size and prepared for shipment.

Tasting Notes
Berries (blackberry, blueberry, raspberry), fruit punch, merlot and tangerine. Medium silky body with medium acidity.

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