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Costa Rica Tarrazu Semi Washed
Semi-Washed Technique




This coffee comes from the Scenic Route, our new collection of limited edition, specialty coffees. Scenic Route is a coffee exploration of the road less traveled. We will be adding other unique coffee offerings to the Scenic Route collection in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

About the Semi-Washed Technique
This process involves keeping about 25% of the mucilas (mucilage, natural coffee’s honey) on the coffee beans. In order to get this certain amount of honey, you need to let the coffee rest for about 8 hours in the fermentation tank. After that the coffee will be washed with clean water to remove some of the mucilage then moved to the Africans beds for the drying period. Once dried to 12%+- , further cleaning and sorting is done with the dry mill equipment before bagging for shipment.

Tasting Notes
Cocoa powder, salty peanuts, cranberries, lime, & sweet red grapes. Medium body with bold acidity.

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