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Costa Rica Tarrazu Yellow Honey
Yellow Honey "Miel Technique"




This coffee comes from the Scenic Route, our new collection of limited edition, specialty coffees. Scenic Route is a coffee exploration of the road less traveled. We will be adding other unique coffee offerings to the Scenic Route collection in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

About the Honey Technique
Three similar yet different methods, Yellow Honey, Red Honey and Black Honey have come to be more common in recent years. This “honey” technique falls between the traditional beans “dried in the fruit”, natural, and the fully washed way of handling coffee cherries. In the standard best practices way, the coffee cherries are carefully hand selected from the coffee fields, to assure the quality of the coffee as only the real ripe fruits are hand-picked by the coffee’s pickers the coffee cherries arrive at the micro mill, they are carefully weighed, floated, processed, peeled, pulped and fermented until they get the fermentation level appropriate for the desired technique/method. Meaning keep a varying level of “musilago” on the coffee beans during each process. After which, either method of drying coffee, Africans beds or patios may be used.

Yellow Honey Technique
The ripe coffee cherries are carefully processed and pulped. Once the coffee passes through the rotary de-pulper they are going directly to the Africans beds or patios for drying. The beans are stirred and moved about every two hours during the day for even airflow until it reaches the right moisture level about 15 days and become ready and dry enough for the next step of cleaning and sorting. The fruit will continue to impart a flavor onto the beans as it dries due to the breakdown of sugars within the pulp.

Tasting Notes
Floral (orange blossom), brown sugar, cocoa, lemon pound cake, spice. Tea-like body with juicy acidity.

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