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Fuerza de Mujer Guatemala
Asproguate Co-op




Our new Guatemalan offering is called Fuerza de Mujer (Women’s Strength). It comes from the San Martin Jilotepeque region of Guatemala and is produced by the Asproguate Co-op. The Asproguate Co-op is an NGO comprised of farmers and agronomists who have partnered to improve the quality and market access of smallholder producers in several regions of Guatemala.

Tasting Notes: Walnut, cacao, grapefruit, brown sugar and graham cracker.

Meet some of the women of the co-op:

“My name is Evelyn Elizabeth Rodas Garcia, I am an Agricultural Engineer, and I have worked with groups of small-scale coffee producers in different roles: technical assistance (on organic agriculture), cupping, management, among others. I also worked with Root Capital, which allowed me to influence organizations in Central America and Mexico, supporting credit systems for productive projects mostly for coffee and crafts, many of these projects were led by rural women with whom we exchanged many experiences around the ways of supporting women to make their leading role more evident in different areas.

Currently, as Project Manager at Asproguate NGO, I promoted the creation of the women’s group “Cafe Fuerza de Mujer” with the associates who have been working with Asproguate for many years and have been constantly trained in productive and empowerment issues.

My whole life has revolved around coffee, I am passionate about seeing the smiles on the faces of women coffee producers satisfied with their achievements. Over the years, my work has focused around empowering women in productive roles and I have been able to witness the emergence of many groups of coffee women in different communities in Guatemala. One of my greatest satisfactions has been to give them confidence and inspiration to do everything you set your mind to. I remember that when I was the manager of a group and I had to speak in public, about coffee, production, and economic issues, every time a woman who listened to me would come up to me and say, “How can you speak in public? You know a lot”. I always answered ‘we all can’, but for this to be true, you have to prepare and find the necessary spaces.

I love the simplicity of rural people, I know that we need to sow seeds of confidence in women, and we can achieve it if we prepare ourselves, we are an example, we are an inspiration, we organize ourselves and we demonstrate that the value of women’s work in the field combined with her own roles as a family woman is of great value.

I see myself in the future continuing with the work in the coffee-growing communities, influencing the lives of women, helping them to have their coffee valued and esteemed, to let them know more about their production, to develop capacities that highlight their coffee production and that they are satisfied with the great work they do and that they pass it on to future generations.”

  “I am Bernarda Mimi Estrada Roca, I am 23 years old, and I am the fourth of nine children. I live in San Antonio El Cornejo, Las Escobas village in Guatemala. Since I was little I’ve been passionate about agriculture, my father is a coffee producer, and that inspired me to learn more about how to grow coffee.

I love the world of coffee and I want to continue learning new techniques and specialize in quality control and cupping. I like to be participative and share what little I know with the youth of my community.

For five years I have been a member of Asproguate, a year ago I decided to continue my education to obtain a bachelor’s degree. My dream is to finish my education, as I want to improve for myself, my family and my community.”

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