1-Kenya AB Machure Estate

Our offering of Kenya AB comes from the Machure Estate in Kiambu county, just north of Nairobi. Acidic soil of the high altitude coffee growing regions of Kenya impart of bright, crisp flavor to these coffee beans. Fully washed and roasted to a Full City profile, other flavor notes include ruby red grapefruit, hibiscus, and cocoa powder.

Kenya AB refers to the size of screen the coffee beans fit through during milling. If you have previously ordered our Kenya AA offering, you will noticed that these beans have a smaller size. This is in no way indicative of quality, just a different classification. Compared to typical African coffees, Kenya AB tends to by a lower acid coffee, and would be a great jumping off point for consumers who are intimidated by most African coffees. It tastes great as a pourover, but really shines when used as an espresso.

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