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From the Cerrado of Minas region,  Carlos Thomas Brasilero grows his coffee. Using the natural, traditional, methods of fermentation the coffee develops a sweetness and fruit characteristic that lingers on and on. Using RFA, Rainforest Alliance, certification a mandate for sustainable ecological and economic improvements is built into the farming practices. The nature and layout of the Fazenda farm means the ripest of coffee cherry can be picked and sundried on the patios. The fruit dries and acts to enhance the flavor in the bean. Once dried, it is hulled and placed into wooden silos for the "reposo" or resting period. 45 days later, lot samples are taken and bags are filled for export. Arriving on the west coast, the coffee will be in a state of shock. After climatization, the coffee is released to Cafe Moto Roasters. Moto likes naturals for a "Dulce", sweet, fruity character similar to a bing cherry with the mildest of acidity. Brazil works well wherereduced acidity is the key. We use it as a base for our Giro D' Italia espresso, "smooth through the curves". * The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land- use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

The contract reads:

Brazil,  Specialty, Screen

100% RFA

100% RFA

17/18, NY 2, HLXU121420-4
Strictly Soft, Natural Process, Crop 2013/14,
Carlos Thomas Brasileiro Grower, Cerrado
of Minas Region, RFA Certified, SCAA 80

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