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When buying products, we use a series of key questions to help align products with our core values, as well as determining if we can help the growers and their communities. Our discussions with coffee cooperatives range from sustainability, innovation, access to market, food security and product diversification, to school supplies, art or music programs, health concerns, clean water, and gender equity.

We work to build long-term community solutions into the price of the coffee. To help reach that goal, we have helped establish mushroom farming, chicken and egg hatchery, organic produce storefronts, pruning and weeding equipment, school books and supplies, youth job training through chocolate production, a community bus for transportation, quality control equipment, production videos for Roya prevention, cervical cancer screening, farmer travel, skill building workshops, and Fair Trade contract for lower interest rate borrowing.


Cafe Moto is guided by the principles of sustainability, sharing knowledge, and a respectful presentation of the worldโ€™s coffee, tea and cocoa.

We strive to be a company that makes a lasting positive impact in the places we conduct our business. We work with our partners across the globe to balance our socio-environmental impact and bring specialty coffee to your neighborhood.


Respecting our guests – Meeting their expectations and regularly and surprising them with something unexpected.

Imparting Knowledge – Coffee, tea, cocoa and brewing knowledge is thorough, thoughtful and presented in usable, trainable school like formats.

Stewardship of the planet – Understand our impact and work diligently to reduce our footprint and make a positive difference through people, knowledge and practical execution.

Financial Sustainability – To support our mission, sales growth and a portion of profits are required for survival, prosperity, opportunity, job satisfaction and job security.

Members of the Las Hermanas Community are shown in the photos above.

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