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Chocolate De Mexico




We started importing Chocolate De Mexico many years ago when it only came in the solid Choc De Mexico Bagpucks. A traditional style in the regional Oaxaca, Mexico style, “rustico y puro”.

The factory is producing the OG recipe at our request as many companies have moved away from nuts and nibs for flavors and fillers. The Cocoa nibs are roasted and ground together with the sugar, cinnamon and nuts to form a paste. Once firm, grinding is done and the spicy goodness is ready for the speedy espresso bars of California to elevate the table chocolate into the designer mochas of our time. Rich, sweet and satisfying.

Today we are working directly with the family in Guadalajara Mexico to create the “My Grandmas” Old School recipe where the nuts remain and add a richness and silky viscosity.

Easy to use, simply melt the ground chocolate into hot milk, steam wand, then add an espresso shot or go half and half with a strong filter coffee. Top with Mexican Chocolate sprinkles to form a crown and enjoy the royalty of tradition.

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