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Colombia Cooagronevada
Women Led Cooperative




Many of the men and boys became “disappeared”.  Sandra Palacios and her neighbors were left to keep the home, work and attend to the farms. This women led small producer co-op was incorporated during the Colombian internal conflict and continues to offer support and resources for the community.

Known as The Cooperative of Sierra Nevada and Santa Marta Coffee Growers, Cooagronevada, was established to bring unity, support, strength, economy of scale and community survival. In the years since being established, the co-op has developed an effective way to support its members by securing, training, educating, listening and aiding in the cultivation of coffee, cocoa and bananas.

These heroic efforts to improve the economic situation and social conditions in Northern Colombia and its’ members, the conscious effort to improve cup quality, increase productivity with reinvestment and maintaining certifications (Fair Trade, Organic and their Women Care label) has quickly made Cooagronevada a Cafe Moto favorite.

Tasting notes:  Aromas of semi-sweet coca powder, raisins and roasted almonds coupled with notes of orange peels, frangipane, and a hint of smoked wood. SOS, Single Origin Shots,  shots or pour over recommended.

Photos from the Cooagronevada Coop
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