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Water Process Decaf Bravura
Women lead Cooperative




Decaffeinated coffee is an important 16% of our business. Wanting to offer the most wonderful taste and remain true to the triple certifications, Kosher-Fair Trade-Organic, is much easier when we are able to work directly with the farmers.

Example: Full 40 foot containers are the most economical shipping size, filling that container requires nearly 320 sacks of coffee. A commitment. If we can split a container so it arrives in San Diego with half organically decaffeinated water process and half organic specialty, the whole container becomes more useful and sellable.

Working directly with the farm groups facilitates the logistics, saves time and considerable energy. Which in turn allows for higher returns to the community of origin.

We sell Bravura to everyone for espresso, filter, press or drip with nice results. Again. Again.

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