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Espresso Moto
Spool up!




Espresso Moto is of the classic style in roast and taste. A bittersweet caramelized roasty tone able to be known and melded with a cortado, nut milk or breve creation. The mix comprises numerous origins and primarily washed processed coffees varying throughout the year as fresh crop arrivals reveal themselves on the cupping table.

We look to maintain the taste and performance, shot after shot, using our relationships with several go to origins to accomplish the Espresso Moto. Having the Kosher certification grown Organically and buying with a Fair Trade model to insure the cooperatives have a financially sustainable relationship, opportunities for gender equality, community investment, support and agricultural support when producing coffees for Cafe Moto.

Tasting Notes: Balanced acidity and body is what characterizes this coffee as the perfect breakfast blend. What really makes this blend unique is its ability to seamlessly double as the ideal after dinner cup. With tantalizing hints of nut, caramel, vanilla and chocolate it’s clean finish will have you yearning for more.

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