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Indo Noir
Intriguing Flavor




Indo Noir was designed to showcase the dynamic, earthy, heavy and spice tastes of Indonesian flavors. We allow the roast to just enter the second crack, slightly dark, so the spicy, clove, earthy, herbal notes are pronounced.

Currently, we start with Ketiara women’s coop of Gayo Sumatra as the base, a bit of Purosa New Guinea, some Timor, and balance it off with the Javanese Wild Forest cooperative. As the growers harvests arrive we are able to continually update and keep the blend solid with fresh coffee. Being triple certified, kosher-Fair Trade-Organic, adds the social, environmental and economic sustainability for another benefit.

We have clients that swear by Indo Noir as their espresso and others that claim it as a proper filter cup. Either way an intriguing flavor arrives. Personally, I like it French pressed as café au lait where the milk is first heated and combined with the brew water then pressed together after the 4 minutes.

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