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Mexico Chiapas
Cesmach Co-op




CESMACH (Cam pesinos Ecologicos de la Sierra Madre de Chiapas) is a co-op of coffee farmers located in the El Triunfo Biosphere reserve in Chiapas, Mexico. The farmers are one of a handful of groups, sanctioned to grow coffee in this delicate habitat.

The co-op was established in 1994, promoting 3090 acres of the co-op to organic farming. Over 60% of the farms are certified, allowing farmers to attain higher premiums. They collectively put those premiums into a community savings, which allows members access to financing.

As CESMACH looks to the future, their strong desire for conservation, economic sustainability, and their loyalty and respect for one another is putting them on a path for great success and even greater coffee.

Tasting Notes:  Smooth, sweet, and medium bodied; combines effortlessly with notes of chocolate, dried stone fruit, vanilla nougat, and nuts. This is the perfect morning coffee .

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