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Moccamaster KBGV Select
Technivorm Carafe Brewer




Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select coffee brewer
Automatic Drip-Stop 1.25 L / 40 oz / 10 cups

Please call for current inventory and colors in stock

“I use the pistachio color in my home.”  T. Lee, Cafe Moto

All Moccamaster coffee brewers are handmade in the Netherlands. Since 1968, every Moccamaster has been individually assembled and inspected by hand in the Technivorm factory, continuing the legacy of their very first products.

The KBGV Select has a selector switch which allows you to choose between brewing a half or full carafe. The brewing speed and hotplate temperature adjust according to your choice, brewing either amount to the golden cup standard.

The brew basket automatically stops the flow of coffee when removing the carafe. All glass carafe brewers feature a hotplate with an independent heating element that holds your coffee at the perfect temperature.

The Moccamaster KBGV Select is available in 8 colors.

 5 reasons the Moccamaster is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association as a Gold Cup Brewer: 

1. Proper Brewing Time
Simple to use with a quiet brew process, the KBGV Select makes a half or full carafe of coffee in 4-6 minutes.

2. Consistent Temperature
The copper boiling element rapidly heats water to a brewing temperature of 196°F – 205°F and automatically shuts off when the water reservoir is empty.

3. Precise Engineering
The boiling action moves the water up the glass tube, where it flows into the outlet arm and pulses over the brew basket, blooming the coffee grounds in a manual pour-over style.

4. Optimized Coffee Extraction
The cone-shaped brew basket steeps the coffee grounds, extracting the coffee’s full flavor and maximizing its complexity, taste, and aroma. Larger enough funnel for the Moto recommended 1:16 brew ratio for a stout cup.

5. Independent Hotplate
The selector switch adjusts the hotplate temperature within the range of 175°F – 185°F depending on how much you brew. The brewer’s power switch and hotplate automatically shut off after 100 minutes.


We converted a long time pour over friend. When asked how it compared, “the machine is tough to beat, I don’t think I’m going back anytime soon.”

Moccamaster with a Baratza Grinder is a solid home system.

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