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Mocha Java
The Original Blend




Mocha Java has been in our selection since the 70’s.

But long before that it was the product of the spice traders who sailed between Europe and Indonesia. They would travel the Arabian sea and port in places like Mocha, trade/bargain/feast/fuel and then leave with the treasures of the region like coffee.

They would continue their travels to Java and the chain of Indonesian islands, trade/bargain/feast/fuel around South America to Brazil and continue on to their European marketplaces back home. Back in Europe, coffees from these two parts of the world were mixed together resulting in one of the first known coffee blends.

We start with some Ethiopian and Brazil naturals and then roast the Indonesian Java and Sumatra. Blended together into a winey, sweet, wild start with a smooth, heavy body in the finish.

We often use the Mocha Java blend in our roastery espresso bar as it compliments the organic milk when pulled espresso style.

Certified Kosher.

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