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Sumatra Ketiara
Women Led Cooperative




Being an important origin, it’s nice to have a relationship with Rahmah, Director of Ketiara. During a visit to the Gayo Highlands, it’s clear she has the future in mind and continues to be concerned with what the next generation will be receiving. Community Trash collection, story books, morning yoga, water management, weed wackers for organic farming or a new bridge for the highway to name a few.

As with many of the cooperatives we buy coffee from once the standards of taste, consistency, cleanliness, repeatability, timeliness, costs are mutually agreed upon we can discuss additional reinvestments. We continue to work with Ketiara, most recently with funding for some bilingual children’s books to help with their English learning.

Roasted on the light side, a very smooth rich flavor with slight seasoned herbal, honeysuckle, chocolate taste. Low in acidity and high in body. Sumatra from Ketiara, a women directed cooperative, is certified Fair Trade and Organic. Triple picked by hand for defects.

The Fair Trade model benefits the community as well as the farms in the region with support, technical expertise and techniques for farm improvements and disease control.

Photos from the Ketiara Farms

Recently Cafe Moto helped the Ketiara cooperative by funding some bilingual children’s books to help with their English learning.

Click here to check out the Thank You video Ketiara sent us!

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