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V12 Cold Immersion
The Power Gallon




Our formula of Kosher, Fair Trade and Organic coffees roasted to the fast lane and immersed for hours in 41ºF prepared water means a taste superior to all others. Layers of flavor , very smooth and easy.

Designed to drink all we can and sell the rest. V12 is delicious stock over ice or as a base for your favorite custom additions. We had a lab test performed: V12 has 300mg caffeine per 8oz. Use as directed.


The triple certifications accentuate the taste with the integrity of sustainability. We had V12 tested and the caffeine level is a stout 300mg per 8oz so be ready. Use as directed.

V12 is sold in one gallon HDPE recyclable containers with a 60 day “best before” life.

Available now at $36.11 per gallon.

Get it fast with 2-Day shipping!!

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