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Yemen Mocca
Pearl of Tehama




Mrs. Fatoum Muslot, leads the “Pearl of Tehama” company as a second generation family business. She oversees the picking milling, sorting quality controls throughout the company. Her leadership continues to deliver through civil wars, drought, food scarcity and the general difficulties of a women lead organization with a mission. Pearl of Tehama has established a consultancy for other service providers in coffee, particularly exporters, to help expand Yemen’s coffee sector safety net and even increase the coffee’s availability and competitiveness abroad.

Conventionally grown and processed in the traditional natural drying method. Harvesting occurs from the 97 smallholder farms in and around the villages of Bani Alawam and Mabyan. At +-1800 meters above sea level, the climate and sandy loam soil conditions ripen the tree varieties of Dawaery, Tuffahi for ripe cherry picking October through March which are then naturally dried on raised beds or rooftops.


Roastery arrival.


Cafe Moto is happy to have a limited amount of this coffee. The power, taste and flavors are quite different and offer a strawberry cream, citrus pound cake and caramelized sugars in a way distinctly Yemen. Packaged in 12 oz bags, this coffee is best when rested 7-9 days from roasting and ground fresh. ( See Baratza Grinders in the gear section)

Photo: Ripe cherry, Royal Coffee


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Producer Interview: Fatoum Muslot of Pearl of Tehama Company



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