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Honey Costa Rica



Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee black honey processed, Instock from our friend Gerardo Camacho.

we’ve done a direct trade

to get a limited supply. The roasting is list allotment driven so call or inquire to get yours scheduled.

Honey CR

Costa Rica Black Honey process

Rocket Espresso

Now in stock for you to hold

Rocket R58V

Rocket R58V

Domestic line of the Rocket E61 group, Cellini and Gioto

Yemen Al Ghayoul

Accepting pre roast inquiries for a rare Yemen coffee, Al-Ghayoul

“We at Rayyan Mill serve as a bridge. We care deeply about people, Yemen and coffee.  We are committed to making a positive contribution to all three . Combining Relationships, Lot Selection, Processing, Storage and Quality Control  focusing on cup quality and serving as a bridge between Yemen and the specialty coffee market.”

Al Ghayoul is selling at $ 21 per 12 ounce bag. #fomomoto

Orders@cafemoto or call to reserve your portion today.#6192396686

Espresso Machine Upgrades

Strada on Bar

Strada on Bar

New espresso machine,

La Marzocco Strada or FB, GB or some more Linea love…

We’re going to need a longer bar.

V12 Cold Brew available to go!

V12 Cold Immersion is made with roasted coffee and filtered water. We coarsely grind the coffee and submerge it in cold filtered water for 24 hours. We keep the mixture refrigerated throughout the brew cycle. We extract the nectar using a multi-stage cold filtration process down to a fine micron level. The result is a concentrate that is lower in acidity, smooth, refreshing and high octane.

Cold Brew and Iced Coffee are often confused for being the same thing. Iced coffee is hot brewed coffee that is chilled then served. Cold Brew is never heated, it is kept cold through the entire brew process. Cold Brew is typically lower in acidity because it is never heated during the brew process and higher in caffeine due to the multi hour contact time and lower ratio of coffee to water.

Cafe Moto is currently selling one gallon and two gallon bottles of fresh made V12 Cold Brew in the Cash & Carry department. It is the same cold brew you know and love from our cafe, sold in size you can keep in your refrigerator. Perfect for a daily cup of cold brew, or to serve in your cafe or restauarant, we sell the one gallon bottle for $27 and the 2.5 gallon coffee for $70  Brewed under constant refrigeration, our V12 Cold Brew will keep fresh for up to two weeks.

Rocket Espresso Machines

Glad to be the So Cal distributor of the Rocket Boxer espresso machines. Let me know if youd like to upgrade your system.



La Marzocco Mini

The new La Marzocco Linea “Mini” is in the house. Only one left. Paddle with White body.  Come down to the roastery for a demo of the ultimate home set up.

visit for reviews and color options.

Fresh coffees now

over 22 years with us. Thank you Rafa

over 22 years with us. Thank you Rafa

New Coffees

Costa Rican Black Honey 

Colombia Gran Esperanza Miel

Yemen Al-Ghayoul



New arrivals

The Costa Rican and Nicaraguan coffees are nearly here for the 2015 harvest. A happy note.

Sawyer Ceramics and Cafe Moto

local potter

local potter

Each “Cafe Moto” mug, cup and saucer begins with a ball of stoneware clay. After the clay is formed into the desired shape on the wheel it is left to dry until it reaches the leather hard stage similar to the consistency of cheese). At this stage the foot is trimmed into the bottom of the cups and saucers and handles are attached. When the pieces are completely  dry they are loaded into the kiln for an eight hour “bisque” firing to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. The bisque firing hardens the clay and prepares it for glazing. Each piece is dipped into a food safe glaze and loaded back into the kiln for the 10 hour “glaze” firing that reaches a peak temperature of 2,350 degrees Fahrenheit. After a full day of cooling, the kiln is unloaded and the pieces are stamped with the “Cafe Moto” logo. It takes an average of 1-2 weeks for a piece to make it through the entire  process.


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