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Caffeine Crawl 2018


Caffeine Crawl San Diego, January 26 – 28, 2018.

This years event will host 9 different routes with 25+ local coffee and tea businesses.

Samples from all participating local roasters.

Tickets are on sale now.


Rocket Espresso

Now in stock for you to hold

Rocket R58V

Rocket R58V

Domestic line of the Rocket E61 group, Cellini and Gioto

Espresso Machine Upgrades

Strada on Bar

Strada on Bar

New espresso machine,

La Marzocco Strada or FB, GB or some more Linea love…

We’re going to need a longer bar.

V12 Cold Brew available to go!

V12 Cold Immersion is made with roasted coffee and filtered water. We coarsely grind the coffee and submerge it in cold filtered water for 24 hours. We keep the mixture refrigerated throughout the brew cycle. We extract the nectar using a multi-stage cold filtration process down to a fine micron level. The result is a concentrate that is lower in acidity, smooth, refreshing and high octane.

Cold Brew and Iced Coffee are often confused for being the same thing. Iced coffee is hot brewed coffee that is chilled then served. Cold Brew is never heated, it is kept cold through the entire brew process. Cold Brew is typically lower in acidity because it is never heated during the brew process and higher in caffeine due to the multi hour contact time and lower ratio of coffee to water.

Cafe Moto is currently selling one gallon and two gallon bottles of fresh made V12 Cold Brew in the Cash & Carry department. It is the same cold brew you know and love from our cafe, sold in size you can keep in your refrigerator. Perfect for a daily cup of cold brew, or to serve in your cafe or restauarant, we sell the one gallon bottle for $27 and the 2.5 gallon coffee for $70  Brewed under constant refrigeration, our V12 Cold Brew will keep fresh for up to two weeks.

Fresh coffees now

over 22 years with us. Thank you Rafa

over 22 years with us. Thank you Rafa

New Coffees

Costa Rican Black Honey 

Colombia Gran Esperanza Miel

Yemen Al-Ghayoul



Coffee Delays

21st De Septiembre has had a delay in the dry mill factory going online, now later in the fall arrival. Try the Peru 12 Apostoles.
With Ethiopian coffees becoming scarce, Mocha Java cannot be blended, late July arrival. Try something opposite, Blue Sky organic

Soap Box Derby Barrio Logan

Moto custom box

Moto custom box

The purist form of racing  and a gravity drip cold brew coffee were a big hit this year. Thank you for the support.

tuck and look for the sweet spots.

tuck and look for the sweet spots.

custom at the line Soap Box race





new crop las hermanas

Pretty much says it all.

Pretty much says it all.

The 2014 crop of Las Hermanas, Nicaragua, has arrived in the roastery. We have scheduled the first batch to roast Tuesday June 24th, 2014. This years arrival sample tasted of sweet vanilla caramels with a hazelnut chocolate sauce sprinkled with fresh lemon orange zest when we used the hario cone method of brewing.

Fair Trade, Organic and Kosher certified.

21st De Septiembre

Laying Hen Project Moto


Thanks to our relationship coffee brokers , Sustainable Harvest for their

coordination and updates.



Laying Hen success.

Read up of the egg and hen laying project success at the 21st de Septiembre coop of Mexico.

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