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Posted in Coffees - Written by Cafe Moto on August 8, 2012

nicaragua-coffee-pickingThe Society of Small Producers for Coffee Export (SOPPEXCCA) is a union of coffee cooperative comprised of 650 producers from the province of Jinotega in northern Nicaragua. SOPPEXCCA emerged in 1998 when its successor organization fell deeply indebted under a poor administration. Despite the severe challenges of Hurricane Mitch in 1998 and the 380% price collapse in 1999, SOPPEXCCA has become one of the highest quality coffee cooperatives in the country. Under the leadership of director Fatima Ismael, the self-sustaining co-op produces, processes, and markets its own coffee. SOPPEXCCA’s 65% female membership and gender-equality blends makes this a truly exemplary cooperative. SOPPEXCCA became Fair Trade certified by Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International (FLO) in 1998.

With proceeds from the Fair Trade price, the co-op has been able to:

  • Invest in organic training. SOPPEXCCA has provided members with technical assistance for the transition to organic production
  • Empower women. Members established a women’s collective, “Las Hermanas“, through which women produce and market their own coffee
  • Support education. The cooperative funded the construction of a new school and provided member’s children with school supplies and food
  • Provide micro-credit. SOPPEXCCA has provided access to credit for all members, including a specific fund for women’s programs
  • Improve women’s health. The cooperative has educated female co-op members about reproductive health issues and facilitates access to free gynecological cancer tests.

About the Coffee:

Varieties: Caturra, Bourbon

Elevation: 1,000 – 1,400m

Processing: Wet processing and sun drying

Bean Characteristics: SHG

Cup Characteristics: Good flavor and aroma, balanced acidity

Harvest Season: November – March

Export Season: January – June

Organic Production: 30%

Organic Certification Agency: BIOLATINA


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