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Hurricane Relief Fund

In the first half of November, nearly all of Central America and Southern Mexico was impacted by not one, but two of the most powerful hurricanes to ever make landfall in that part of the world: Hurricane Eta on November 3 followed by Hurricane Iota on November 17. Both of these storms have been classified as Category 4 hurricanes.

The catastrophic flooding, mudslides and landslides have claimed dozens of lives, destroyed thousands of homes, and wiped out entire harvests of key food crops that farming families rely on. With coffee cherries still on the trees as the storm hit, we hope the hurricane’s impact won’t have lasting effects on this years coffee crop.

Cafe Moto will be donating all the proceeds from our Nicaragua, Viennese, & French Roast coffees for the month of November to help support Fatima and the Las Hermanas co-op affected by the hurricanes. Please help our effort by purchasing one of these delicious coffees today.

Sustainable Harvest®, our Relationship Coffee partner, has created a Go-Fund-Me page to help the affected farmers.

You can donate to the fund here.

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