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Cold Immersion

Cold Immersion and Iced Coffee are often confused for being the same thing. Iced coffee is hot brewed coffee that is chilled then served.

Cold Immersion is kept cold through the entire brewing process. Cold Immersion is typically smooth and lower in acidity because it is never heated and higher in caffeine due to the ratio of coffee to water.

Available In Store Now

V12 Cold Immersion Coffee is a refrigerated item with a two week shelf life. It is available in a 1 gallon and a 2.5 gallon jug.

V12 Cold Immersion is only available for sale at our store or it can be delivered locally. Stop by our Coffee Bar + Store in Barrio Logan to try some and take a gallon home!

Low Acid, High Octane

V12 Cold Immersion is made with roasted coffee and filtered water in a chilled, multi-hour extraction process. This full immersion style of brewing generates a powerfully smooth, low-acid, high-octane coffee with flavor to spare.

V12 can be served straight up or crafted into a sophisticated drink recipe. Stock Black over ice is the simplest way, or try a Custom version with organic sweet vanilla cream.

Look for our yellow and black V12 Custom Shifter taps and get in the fast lane!  V12 Cold Immersion Coffee is sold on tap throughout San Diego County.

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