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Caffeine Crawl 2018


Caffeine Crawl San Diego, January 26 – 28, 2018.

This years event will host 9 different routes with 25+ local coffee and tea businesses.

Samples from all participating local roasters.

Tickets are on sale now.


Coffee Delays

21st De Septiembre has had a delay in the dry mill factory going online, now later in the fall arrival. Try the Peru 12 Apostoles.
With Ethiopian coffees becoming scarce, Mocha Java cannot be blended, late July arrival. Try something opposite, Blue Sky organic

Soap Box Derby Barrio Logan

Moto custom box

Moto custom box

The purist form of racing  and a gravity drip cold brew coffee were a big hit this year. Thank you for the support.

tuck and look for the sweet spots.

tuck and look for the sweet spots.

custom at the line Soap Box race





new crop las hermanas

Pretty much says it all.

Pretty much says it all.

The 2014 crop of Las Hermanas, Nicaragua, has arrived in the roastery. We have scheduled the first batch to roast Tuesday June 24th, 2014. This years arrival sample tasted of sweet vanilla caramels with a hazelnut chocolate sauce sprinkled with fresh lemon orange zest when we used the hario cone method of brewing.

Fair Trade, Organic and Kosher certified.

Soapbox Derby



Soap Box Racing

November 30th 2013,  If you’re in the Oceanside area this Saturday, the Cafe Moto

Soap Box Derby cars will be racing the stock division on a points grab towards the

Akron finals next year.  Good way  to enjoy some local coffee, fresh air and a day

on the slopes.

 Visit the locator on our website for a coffee source in the area. Check  zip-code 92054  (California Family Soap Box Derby Association for race details.)

Come join us for our annual Thansgiving weekend rally on the hill with
the curve. In the spirit of the holiday, please come prepared to give,
give, give! We will be having a 50/50 drawing, a raffle (everyone please
bring an item(s) to donate), and our annual Toys for Tots drive. If you
bring a new, unwrapped toy you will recieve $5.00 off your entry fee
for that day.
CFSBDA members $30.00 per race. Non-members $35.00 per race.
Make checks payable to: CFSBDA
On Loretta St., west of Santa Anita Street, Oceanside, California (see map)
Please show-up with your car ready to weigh-in—it gets dark early
at this race!
7:30–8:30 AM
7:30–9:00 AM
Weigh-in and inspection
9:30 AM
Practice runs as needed for first time drivers.
10:00 AM
Racing Starts
Race Format:
One double elimination race followed by one single elimination race on
Saturday. All cars must be weighed in and inspected prior to the first race.
Lane and wheel swap, timer differential. We reserve the right to alter the
race format based on weather and track conditions or darkness. Rally
races are open to all qualified entrants and are the best way to practice
for your All-American Local Championship.
Stock, ages 7 (as of the date of the race) to 14
Super Stock, ages 10 (as of the date of the race) to 17
Masters, ages 10 (as of the date of the race) to 17
Weight Limits:
Stock, 200 lbs. total, 107.5 lbs. max tail weight (15 lbs. tail heavy)
Super Stock, 240 lbs. total, 127.5 lbs. max tail weight (15 lbs. tail heavy)
Masters, 255 lbs. total, 127.5 lbs. max tail weight (balanced)


Fair Trade Interview – Jessica Peters

What does the “Fair Trade” label represent to you? 

The Fair Trade label means a lot to me.  I LOVE the traceability it provides the consumer.  Myself, personally, having listened to many farmers that we purchase Fair Trade coffees from, it brings tears to my eyes to hear their stories.  I never realized how much the middle man actually takes away from these farmers, Co-ops, families and communities.  Fair Trade makes a huge impact on the quality of life for so many of these farmers and communities.  From small things such as child being able to carry a backpack to school, to paved roads in a community, to health care.  These are things that bring a smile to their faces and improves their quality of life, that is important to me.


How does the Fair Trade label affect your buying decisions? 

It’s simple, if I have a choice between a Fair Trade item or one that isn’t certified as Fair Trade, I will spend a little more and purchase the Fair Trade label.  Why wouldn’t I when I know that my one decision and few more cents or dollars will change someone’s life forever?


How does it make you feel to be part of a company that purchases so much Fair Trade product? 

It makes my job of selling easier and makes me proud to do so!  Being able to educate my customers on Fair Trade and inviting them on board to be part of the Fair Trade movement is awesome.  Cafe Moto cares and it excites me to be a part of something so Globally responsible and compassionate. 


What is your favorite Cafe Moto Fair Trade coffee? 

Toughest question yet … hmm, I would have to say our Organic Nicaragua Las Hermanas.  Besides the intriguing flavor profile, I love the story, Fatima has a huge dedication to her community and Cafe Moto is a part of that.   

How would you describe it to a customer? 

Organic Nicaragua Las Hermanas is one of my favorite coffee’s that we sell at Moto, it’s like drinking a cup of chocolate covered oranges.  As a single origin, it makes a unique espresso, bright, sharp but holds up to the challenge of milk.  Supporting a community of 180-200 women, it is a cup of coffee to be proud of, an amazing cup and an amazing story, a must have!!

Fair Trade interview – Chase Mann

What does the “Fair Trade” label represent to you?

The Fair Trade label means that I may pay a slightly premium price for products but that it helps to insure that farmers and workers are paid a fair and living wage for their products and labor. I know that Fair Trade helps to promote higher social and environmental standards in developing countries with sensible and sustainable methods.


How does the Fair Trade label affect your buying decisions?

I don’t mind paying a higher price for a product when I know that those purchases make a difference in the lives of so many people who don’t have the benefits of living in a country like ours. I definitely buy a product that has a Fair Trade label over one that does not, regardless of brand or price.


How does it make you feel to be part of a company that purchases so much Fair Trade product?

It makes me feel proud to know that I’m an employee of a company that promotes and uses Fair Trade products and I love seeing the direct impact that Cafe Moto has made on the lives of people in the farms and cooperatives that we do business. It’s awesome getting letters from the women of Nicaragua Las Hermanas and seeing how they’ve been able to make improvements to their lives and communities from the funds Cafe Moto has used to purchase their coffee.


What is your favorite Cafe Moto Fair Trade coffee?

How would you describe it to a customer?

All my coworkers know that my favorite coffee is the Viennese Blend. It’s a blend of two Fair Trade coffees, Organic Nicaragua (mentioned above) and dark roasted Costa Rica “Llano Bonito”.

I describe it as being the perfect mix of dark and light, creating a bold flavor with a medium body, subtle chocolate notes, a hint of nut and a touch of sweet orange flavor.

Fair Trade and Cafe Moto

fair-trade-usaBy purchasing Fair Trade Certified coffees, teas and cocoas, Cafe Moto insures that farmers and workers are justly compensated for their labor and products. Fair Trade helps farmers in developing countries build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities and teaches disadvantaged communities how to use the free market to their advantage.

Cafe Moto is proud to be one of the Top Purchasers of Fair Trade Coffee in the United States.

Help us to celebrate Fair Trade

Come into our Cafe any day  and enjoy a Fair Trade Organic Radiant Swathe Tea or Fair Trade Organic Hot Chocolate!

Check out our Fair Trade Coffees:

Burgers, Bottles and Brew

maderas-burgers-bottles-brewJoin us for A Special Night at Maderas Golf Club, Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 from 5pm to 8pm for Burgers, Bottles & Cafe Moto.

When it comes to food and wine at Maderas, they love to mix it up! As a special addition to their Burger Night, they’ll be featuring coffee inspired entrees and desserts. Additionally, wines will be available for tasting and purchasing from Sonoma and Napa Valleys.

Make your reservations today by calling the Grille! (858) 451-8120.

Maderas Golf Club, 17750 Old Coach Road, Poway, CA 92064

The Menu:

  • Chicken Fried Steak with Red Eye Gravy
  • BBQ Pork Ribs with Espresso BBQ Sauce
  • Short Ribs Braised in Coffee Ancho Chile Sauce
  • Coffee Spiced Rack of Lamb Salad with Arugula, Avocado, and Blood Orange
  • Cappuccino Pie
  • Kona Coffee Brownies with Ginger Pecans

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